How can you increase your leads using the Customer Journey Map

What is customer journey mapping?  

Understanding the minds of customers can be challenging but it is possible, it is all about understanding your user and how they behave while they visit your website. According to the research, 70% of users abandon the cart and do not check out. A customer journey map is an effective tool that will figure out what a customer will do once they set foot in your store or enter your website. 
Creating a customer journey map to see what the customer’s actions are, thoughts, emotions, and how they change at each stage. All this information helps the company to provide a better user experience. It helps you understand who your customer is, what your customer’s goal is, what are the stages of the buyer journey, and how can you integrate your goal with the customer’s goal. By identifying customer touchpoints along with the customer’s journey, you can personalize the customer experience. The head-to-tail approach leads you to increase higher customer satisfaction, and engagement and improves conversion rates and loyalty. 

What are the benefits of using Customer Journey Map?

Creating customer journey mapping can be useful for any company.  
Along with the obvious benefits, you get to know about what the customers go through so you can improve the caliber of customer experience to create more inbound leads. Lead forensic allows you to see unknown visitors by showing you the anonymous visitors’ business names, addresses, phone numbers, industry, turnover, and employee numbers, as well as the pages viewed on your website. Lead Forensic has an edge when it comes to creating inbound leads process and customization. Although the data is raw unless you see it at the right time to plan an accordingly action. HubSpot is an easy-to-use CRM that creates and manages sales pipelines from a legitimately interested visitor to an actual customer. Each software has solid reasons that you should use them to create your own customer journey map.  

Below are some major benefits of mapping out the customer journey for your business: 

  • View major properties of customers to generate more inbound leads 
  • Improve your customer experience by interacting with them at the right time 
  • Convert more customers by creating workflows 
  • Successfully launch new products and features by analyzing the consumer’s data

Where do I start my Customer Journey map?

The customer Journey map is a recipe that requires multiple endpoints, getting someone to your shop to view your product is not important unless the customer clicks to buy your product by analyzing the customer’s visit and clarifying the internal roles. The systematic process allows you to focus more on customers so you can keep them in the loop via the funnel you will create for them. 

Stellarise Connector for Lead Forensic to HubSpot is an easy, instant, and no-code solution that intelligently takes all the Lead Forensics details of the companies that have visited your website with the pages they have viewed directly into HubSpot. It allows you to see all data by which you can create your own reports and graph by viewing it in the built-in dashboard. 
It is necessary to create endpoints for the customers. Typically, marketers have to use multiple platforms to be able to report on their entire buying cycle, customers, and marketing interactions but this automation allows you to keep on track of the complete user cycle so your customer can keep in the loop into the funnels you create to reach buying your product.  

Why is it necessary to have an end-to-end solution?

Every day, businesses engage with your online activity and visit your website but 98% of this traffic leaves without converting to a lead or making contact. 

The Stellarise Connector for Lead Forensic and HubSpot is a no-code integration for your business that helps you to track down the Customer Journey Map by using built-in dashboards. It is required to identify your unknown visitor and talk to them in real time. It becomes more effective when you connect with your customer in a smarter way. 
Automate your Lead forensic and HubSpot by Stellarise Connector to track your customer journey map so you can enhance your leads in real time.  


A customer journey map will give you many opportunities to make the customer experience much better. It is a process to bridge multiple departments in an effective way. Create more reports of the complete user journey till the end in an intelligent and more effective way.  
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