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Never miss a minute of your work!

Simple and intelligent real-time Jira to WorkflowMax integration.

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Why Jira and WorkflowMax?

Jira is an issue-tracking platform by Atlassian that’s mainly used by software developers and  and technical support teams to track, manage and prioritise new features, bugs and others development related tasks and provides an ability to track the progress of the work done by team.

WorkflowMax is a powerful project management software built to take care of all your business management needs, including project tracking, timesheets, reporting, invoicing, job monitoring, and all other aspects of project management in between.


Stellarise Connector for Jira and WorkflowMax allows you to combine powerful issue management platform Jira and flexible end-to-end project management software WorkflowMax in just a few clicks.

Connect Code, Time and Billing

Our Stellarise Connector will automatically push all the timing logged in Jira into WorkflowMax, so that you can easily balance your non-billable internal time, stay in control of resource management and budgeting for all your projects, and leverage time tracking system for billing your clients accurately. Avoid data entry mistakes and save time on manual data input – start tracking work and project hours in real-time with Stellarise Connector today!

Easy to setup

Setup the connector once and never miss a minute of your work! Enhance Jira’s agile system with complete transparency over project management and billable timesheets in your WorkflowMax – with the help of smart and easy integration, everything will happen on its own. No more timesheet double entry – this is our promise to you!

Fully customisable

Our easily configured connector is suitable for most users. But if you have custom fields you want to sync to WorkflowMax or need other features then, no problem, we can help.  Contact us to discuss your custom configuration requirements and we can quickly confirm the timescales and costs for build a custom-built connector that syncs anything you need.

How does Jira and WorkflowMax Connector work?

Our Stellarise Connectors easily allows you to integrate Jira and WorkflowMax platform in a matter of a few clicks and without a single line of code. Once you register your account with Stellarise Connector for Jira and WorkflowMax and authorise the software to access both platforms – the job is done. All the time entries logged in Jira against a component will be automatically pushed to a corresponding task in WorkflowMax.

It intelligently moves the right information from Jira to WorkflowMax allowing, allowing to save hours for your team on manual data re-entry and bill you clients timely and accurately. The built-in Jira dashboard gives you full visibility on any time logs sync issues ( eg a log doesn’t have a component allocated ), putting you in control so you can resolve them. Once the log appears in WorkflowMax, it will also automatically create a corresponding clickable link attached to the task, that points to initial issue logged in Jira. If you have an existing Work Description in your log in Jira – it will be synched to WorkflowMax as well. And yes, our Stellarise Connector is perfectly compatible with Tempo app if you use it for your time logs in Jira. Get complete transparency over project management and billable hours, while avoiding data re-entry and mistakes!

The integration to move your business forward!

We understand your pain. That’s why we’ve been working hard to deliver this integration – giving you the best of both worlds. Contact us today to find out more about how our Stellarise Connector for Jira and WorkflowMax can easily integrate code, time and billing to enhance visibility across your projects lifecycle!