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Elevate your business operations with a better insight - all in on place

Simple and intelligent WorkflowMax to HubSpot integration.

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Why WorkflowMax and HubSpot?

WorkflowMax is a powerful project management software built to take care of all your business management needs, including project tracking, timesheets, reporting, invoicing, job monitoring, and all other aspects of project management in between.

HubSpot is a powerful yet simple-to-use all-in-one inbound Marketing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Service platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads and close customers. It provides the means to engage and nurture leads so that they turn into customers, affording complete visibility of the conversations and interactions your leads and customers have with you, and allows you to support customers and turn them into your evangelists. Don’t have HubSpot yet?

Stellarise Connector for WorkflowMax and HubSpot allows you to combine these two platforms, intelligently pushing WorkfloxMax details of contacts and relevant quotes directly into Hubspot Deals dashboard to give deeper insight into your pipeline management and relevant activities.

Achieve data-driven visibility

Create quotes in WorkflowMax, easily spot which ones require chasing once it’s in HubSpot’s Deals dashboard, convert them to jobs once accepted, change its status and make better-informed decisions by having access to forecast reports of revenue for deals in each stage of your deal pipeline.

Easy to setup

Setup the connector once and enjoy improved visibility over your deals pipeline. Stellarise Connector picks up quotes with its detailed information logged in Workfloxmax and intelligently logs it against the matching company in HubSpot so you can analyse your deals forecast, sales performance and overall team productivity in the selected time frame.

Fully customisable

Our easily configured connector is suitable for most users. But if you custom fields you want to sync to HubSpot or need other features, no problem, we can help. Contact us to discuss your custom configuration requirements  – contact to us today! Or check our other hassle and code free connectors that can drastically support your business automation!

How does WorkflowMax and HubSpot Connector work?

Stellarise HubSpot Dynamics 365 connector is a secure, robust and reliable cloud-hosted service that takes WorkflowMax project management data and pushes it automatically to HubSpot platform for further actions, analytics and insight, allowing you to gain a greater insight into your deals and sales pipeline and detailed reporting across all your marketing, sales and service teams activities.

Easily synchronise prospect and customer contact data between two platforms, without repetative data entry and associated errors. As a new record gets created – whether it’s a contact or company, our connector matches it pre-existing records in the other platform to ensure that no duplicates are created. And as records update (a quote gets created, it changes its’ lifecycle status, get a sales representative assigned, gets marked as won, lost, not qualified, etc)– your information will be accurately aligned across both systems. Bridging powerful CRM platform HubSpot and Project Management solution WorkflowMax will eliminate silos and daily data re-entry and give a better visibility than ever for tracking your client lifecycle in a comprehensive way. 

Making business easy with WorkflowMax and HubSpot connector in just a few clicks!

Find out more about how Stellarise Connector for WorkflowMax and HubSpot can give you a competitive advantage – contact us today for more details!