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Engage with confidence earlier in the sales cycle

Simple and intelligent Lead Forensics to HubSpot integration.

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Why Lead Forensics and HubSpot?

Lead Forensics is the perfect solution for organisations with a strong sales focus, providing the earliest visibility of which organisations are taking an interest in your products and services and putting you in a position to start conversations earlier in the sales cycle without the need for extensive marketing tools. IP tracking tells you exactly which business have visited your website and lets you discover B2B leads, so you can reach out and initiate a positive conversation with a decision maker. With the click of button, key information is presented about site visitors including Company Name, Address, Industry, Turnover and key contacts.

HubSpot is a powerful yet simple-to-use all-in-one inbound Marketing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Service platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads and close customers. It provides the means to engage and nurture leads so that they turn into customers, affording complete visibility of the conversations and interactions your leads and customers have with you, and allows you to support customers and turn them into your evangelists.

Stellarise Connector for Lead Forensics and HubSpot allows you to combine these two platforms, intelligently pushing Lead Forensics details of the companies that have visited your web site with the pages they’ve viewed directly into Hubspot to give deeper insight into the customer journey.

Spot early business opportunities

 You can now see how initial site visits from a company turn into interactions with possible leads, giving your marketing and sales teams insight into the products and services of interest and allowing you to engage confidently and sooner in the sales cycle. As leads convert into customers, you understand which self service requests are of interest and can use this to improve post-sale services. 

Easy to setup

Setup the connector once and enjoy improved visibility over your lead and customer behaviour. Stellarise Connector picks up a company’s website activity logged in Lead Forensics and intelligently logs it against the matching company in HubSpot so you can analyse your visitor behaviour and engage with them in one place.

Fully customisable

Our easily configured connector is suitable for most users. But if you have custom fields you want to sync to HubSpot or need other features then, no problem, we can help.  Contact us to discuss your custom configuration requirements and we can quickly confirm the timescales and costs for build a custom-built connector that syncs anything you need.

How does Lead Forensics and HubSpot Connector work?

Stellarise Connector for LeadForensics and HubSpot is a secure, robust and reliable cloud-hosted service that takes company visit information tracked in LeadForensics and pushes it automatically to HubSpot without any re-keying.

It intelligently moves the right information from LeadForensics to HubSpot allowing you to gain a greater insight into who your visitors are from the moment they land on your website and before they even think of converting. If it’s an existing company in HubSpot, our connector will automatically add more details about the visit activity to the company. If this a brand new company in HubSpot – our integration will create a new company with all the information synced accordingly from LeadForensics. No-code integration right at your fingertips – easy!

Give your Sales and Marketing teams a new game plan for engaging!

Leading organisations are not really waiting to be engaged by potential customers. Instead, they’re leveraging the power of technology and its integration capability to initiate relationships and engage buyers earlier in the sales process.

Go above and beyond your standard CRM with our Stellarise Connector for Lead Forensics and HubSpot – contact us today to find out more!